4 Simple Ways to Make him Priority after kids

9/15/189:14 PM

One of the biggest struggle as a new mom is feeling overwhelmed, your life has suddenly gone from you and your husband to now being on call to this little human being and learning how to take care of them properly while but still making time for your husband and making your marriage a priority, its quite a struggle honestly and can put quite a strain on your relationship. I remember after  I had Temi, my body went through quite a lot I felt so much like I wasn't myself anymore, on top of that I had a toddler to care for and I still had to make my husband and marriage a priority, every day I would feel so helpless and just felt like I was being pulled a million different places and I saw it affecting my relationship with my husband majorly, but it doesn't have to be that way and even just the littlest things will make your marriage thrive no matter how many babies come along and make your bond even stronger than before.

5 Things to do When Feeling Overwhelmed as a New Mom!

9/4/1811:14 PM

I remember when I first had Simi, I felt like my life went from straight chilling to where do I start from now. It was stressful and scary, and honestly even the second time around I still felt very similar emotions and feelings. Thankful I had all the help in the world, but guess what eventually everyone had to go on with their lives and I was left to be mom by myself and the reality of it all set in. I have learnt that you don't have to feel this way and there are so many ways to curb that feeling or help ease the feeling of overwhelm.