How to maintain a social life as a new mom

8/22/187:05 PM

One of the hardest things after I had Simi was getting balance being a mom to a little human as well as still having some type of life, honestly even with two kids that is still quite a balance I am still learning to handle. Being a young mom it rocks your world when you first become a parent, it almost seems like your life goes from litty mode to now completely confused and unsure if you should keep your turn up friends or get a whole new set of mommy friends (which is very hard but a topic for another day lol). Maintaining a social life as a new mom can be quite a struggle, you are dealing with mommy guilt and then constantly feeling like you are the odd man out with your friends who don't have kids or understand the situation you are in as well. Honestly I am still learning ways to have a social life and as the girls get older I am making a very blatant effort to have a social life and make my life more than just about my kids. Here are a few tips to maintain a social life as a mom:

social life for mom

How to make the school year less hectic

8/12/181:26 AM

As a mom I know I look forward to back to school season after a long busy summer, but as much as I look forward to it the school year can get quite overwhelming. Last year was Simi's first year in public "real" school, and honestly it was quite an adjustment not only for her but for me as well. But along the way I have learnt a few tricks that I intend to fully utilize this school year and hopefully they can be of good use to you all as well.