Must haves for Babies and Toddlers

by - June 26, 2018

As my girls get older, I am starting to learn what works and well what just doesn’t work and honestly I am still learning but I thought I would share some of my go to items that we love and also that helps make our lives so much easier

Skin Care:

  • Cetaphil is and will always be an holy grail for skin care for my girls. I have used it for both girls and it just does amazing things. Thankfully there is cetaphil baby, so we this is a product we get to use right from day one.
  • Eucerin is also another favorite, and honestly I won’t lie I even use this for my own skin, Simi has always had extremely dry skin so the consistency and thickness of their lotion just does it for us.
  • Good ole Vaseline, I don’t care what anyone says, Vaseline has and always will be the truth, I literally use it for everything, forget all those diaper rash creams out, Vaseline is the cure. Temi had a mild case of diaper rash at one point it looked like it was even getting worse, we simply used Vaseline on her bum consistently every time we changed her diaper and within a couple of weeks her bum was back to baby smooth. 


  • leapfrog epic has been the saving grace in our home, I know there are so many parents out there against electronics and blah blah blah but, guess what we are raising our kids in a time when technology is so prevalent so you can either join them or get whined at by a 5 years old lol. What I do love about the leapfrog pads is that it’s kid friendly and everything on there is educational and age appropriate. I know leapfrog has many more options for different age groups as well.
  • Regalo baby gate,for any parent out there who has a little one starting to move and get into things, I highly recommend this baby gate. We actually had it in our apartment for Temi and its honestly one of the most sturdy baby gates I have ever used. And the plus side of it is, you don’t have to even drill holes into your walls.
Snack Time:
  • Yogurts are a must have all the time, we personally are go-gurt lovers here but I just think having yogurt on hand will always save the day lol
  • Gogo Squeeze apple sauce is a major fave of Temi, and has saved me of plenty of baby tantrums. In my opinion its one of the best tasting apple sauce for not only the little one but even her older sister. 

As the girls get older, I am sure I will have more things that I add and even take off this list, but right now these are my top must have for the girls and if ever given a friend advice for their own children these would be top of the list. Let me know in the comments your must have for babies and toddlers, would love to know what I am missing out on. 

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