Must haves for Babies and Toddlers

6/26/1810:24 PM

As my girls get older, I am starting to learn what works and well what just doesn’t work and honestly I am still learning but I thought I would share some of my go to items that we love and also that helps make our lives so much easier

Why you need to be vulnerable in marriage!

6/19/186:31 PM

Marriage is an interesting thing honestly, let me just tell you the reality of marriage and being someone's partner is so much different from what we see out there. Now being married 2 years (still very much a baby in this game lol) but I have learnt so much about myself, my partner and just what it takes to be a good wife. One thing I have definitely had to learn is being completely vulnerable and really stripping these expectations I had come in with, in marriage everyday is different there are good days, and bad days and the longer you stay married to someone you are constantly learning about this person and every day a new layer of that person comes about. I remember when I was single I had this idea of what I would be as a wife, but then you get married and the reality of that sets in, you learn so much about yourself and you start to realize that all you had planned in your head just won't work now. I believe in order to have a successful and true marriage you are gonna have to be vulnerable, and that is in every single aspect of it.

What you need to know before kids

6/15/182:51 PM

I have been a mom now for a little over 5 years and honestly that is nothing, but in my short time of being a mom I have learnt some hard life lessons and everyday I feel like my kids teach me something. Prior to having kids I was a complete mess and didn't know anything or how to even be a mother to anyone, thankfully this chapter in life has allowed me to learn, grow and mature. There are a few things I do wish I knew prior to having my girls, might have helped the journey be a little easier honestly.

How to not lose yourself after kids and marriage

6/5/1812:53 AM

Best tips to find yourself after kids and marriage

If you follow me on insta you will see if I touched on this topic a little bit, but I wanted to dig in even further on it just cause I feel its something a lot of women deal with but its not really spoken about. After having kids, I spent about 4 years getting back to who I was before having children and then I got married and that person I used to know felt like she got even further lost. As a women, it almost feels like we are constantly giving of ourselves, making sacrifices and when you get married and start having kids it feels like those sacrifices double in size and before you know it you start to lose yourself and give too much of yourself to even give back to yourself.