Summer Family Fun Ideas: Texas Discovery Gardens

5/16/187:23 PM

Summer is fast approaching, and the kids will soon be out of school and then comes 3 months of activities and trying to keep the kids busy. Simi is now at that age where she literally can't seat still for more than a hour, and so I am having to plan out our summer and fill it up with activities. One of the reason I love living in Dallas, is the abundant amount of family friendly fun. We recently got to visit the Texas Discovery Garden, it was such a beautiful location and I would definitely advice to add this to the top of your summer family fun.

Tips for a healthy marriage after kids

5/7/1812:02 AM

My Husband and I didn't build our family in the "traditional" sense of getting married then having kids. We got into our marriage already having a 3years old, so adjusting to a new marriage and learning what works for each other was a lot different. Marriage is hard like I spoke about in my last marriage blog post, but its even harder when you have kids involved and learning to take time for each other and communicate with each out about our marriage at times was a bit difficult.
One of the main thing we have had to remember every time is our relationship and love for each other came first and we have to put that as priority, especially as parents to young kids we have to be sure that we love each other and respect each other because that's what our children see and that is how they will learn to associate love, and marriage.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from a mom

5/3/181:02 AM

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I have always thought shopping  for  mother’s day is interesting what could you possibly get the most important woman in your life. As I have gotten to be on the other side of it, I have a very different perspective of what Mother’s Day means as well as the types of gifts I think all moms deserve. I think Mother’s Day is one extra day to show our mom’s just how much they mean to us, and I think our gifts should reflect  just that.