Temi is 1: 12months update

by - April 02, 2018

Its so crazy thinking its been 12 wonderful months of watching this little lady grow up and change everyday, I am thankful that life gave me the chance to spend most of those 12 months at home and really enjoy the joys of motherhood with her. She has truly changed in twelve months, officially a pro at this walking business and literally running the house now with all her boss life moves lol.


  • She loves to play and run around the house with her older sister now, they are either playing some type of game together or fighting each other and let me just let you know that Temi ain't no punk lol. 
  • She loves playing peek-a-boo, and hide and seek around the house. 
  • She also loves her children's nursery rhymes, and will sing along and dance along all day long. 


  • This one is a major foodie, loves her food and everyone else food as well. She is constantly eating and the cheeks and belly are proof she is eating good lol. 

  • So sleeping has been our biggest struggle, not necessarily that she doesn't sleep but she won't sleep by herself.  Literally needs a warm body right next to her sleeping, so sleeping on her own has been very hard, we will get success on that one day but, for now I am enjoying the cute baby snuggles lol. 

Temi is such a personality filled baby, she loves very hard but the minute you cross her she will throw the biggest tantrum and let you know you have made her mad. I have spoken on the rivalry between she and her sister, but honestly as much as they fight they love on each other so hard and Temi is the first person to show up and comfort her big sis when she hurts herself, or is just crying. She is absolute Daddy's girl, I have come to terms with the fact, that our love affair is over cause she is constantly running to daddy but hey I guess that's what happens when you have girls lol. I am so excited to see her grow even more in this new year of life, and just watch her become her own person and talking and interacting with other kids. 

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