Tips for Moms' who feel they are always missing out

4/23/181:51 AM

Are there any moms out there that feel like you are constantly missing out on all the fun? motherhood FOMO (fear of missing out) can be such a sucky thing especially when all your close friends are single women with no kids and their priorities are way off from yours. The first couple years after I had Simi I struggled coming to terms with the fact that my life was going to change so much, and I would be missing out on all the single girl turn up. To be honest one of the reasons I struggled to adjust was because of that, mentally I just wasn’t ready to be a mom and I couldn’t see myself giving up on all my “luxuries” I was used to. A few things that I have learnt as I have gotten more mentally mature as a mother is:

Being a wife is harder than being a mom.......

4/12/189:45 AM

I remember having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine a month or so before I got married, and she asked me which I thought would be harder being a mom or being a wife? At the time I thought being a mom would be harder because, well being a mom is hard and every day brings a new challenge but after being married now and experiencing the reality of marriage, I would like to change my answer and say being a wife is definitely harder than being a mom lol.

Why I decided to be a mommy blogger

4/8/183:22 PM

I remember when I decided to take my blog a little more seriously and be dedicated to it. To be honest, I started this blog just because I wanted to have a space to share my new life in Dallas and balancing my new role of wife with being a mother. I wasn't too sure what I would be sharing on the blog, but I knew it would be a pretty personal blog.

Best Stores for Toddler Fashion

4/5/187:50 PM

best stores to buy kids clothes
Having girls is one of the most exciting things ever, getting to dress them up in the most beautiful colors and I don't care what any one says but shopping for girls clothing is way more fun. As Simi is getting older, she is starting to get her own fashion sense and let me just tell you she is quite the fashionista, maybe even more fashionable than her mama. As she getting more opinionated in her clothing, and getting to pick out her own outfits I am having to do better about shopping for her. As the weather is changing and warmer weather days are approaching we are starting to change out her wardrobe and shop for spring/summer style clothing. So I thought I would share a few of my fave stores to get cute and affordable fashionable toddler pieces.

Temi is 1: 12months update

4/2/1811:32 PM

Its so crazy thinking its been 12 wonderful months of watching this little lady grow up and change everyday, I am thankful that life gave me the chance to spend most of those 12 months at home and really enjoy the joys of motherhood with her. She has truly changed in twelve months, officially a pro at this walking business and literally running the house now with all her boss life moves lol.