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How to keep the balance as a busy mom

by - March 23, 2018

So I have been going through the motions lately, between going back to work full time and being a mom and trying to still be the best wife I can be its been hard y'all. Thankfully my mother in law is still here, and so having her here has really helped me transition smoothly but, at the end of the day my role still stands and I can't push that on to someone else. So I have quickly learnt to find some ways to balance it all, and still keep up with my self care.

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  • To do lists! when I tell you that writing my to do lists for the day or even most times for the week has really saved my butt. I honestly never got into to-do lists till when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I kept forgetting everything and my life was slowly going in shambles. Its so helpful and thanks to technology no need for paper and pen. Most of the time I will just list it on my phone and set reminders and alarms for when I need to have something completed. 
  •  All hands on deck, I am the kind of person where I find it very hard asking for help. I always feels so guilty having people help me with anything, I feel like I am inconveniencing them. Well I am learning to ask and actually receive the help. As women I think its in our DNA to be super women, but the reality is life happens and with me now there has been a shift in my life, priorities have changed and so with that comes asking for a extra help. I am learning that is perfectly fine and not a bad thing.
  • Prioritizing, I am just gonna be honest I am a very disorganized person and A LOT of things fall through the cracks always. So now that I am back to work I really am trying to get my life together and make sure I stay up on things. Things such as appointments or get stuff for the house, I really have to write it all down and then prioritize what is important and tackle those first. Between prioritizing and to do lists I have been able to get the important things done and stay on top of it all. 

I am in no way a pro, I honestly think because of everything coming at me once I had to quickly adapt. But thankfully its been a good transition, I am getting used to being a working mom and settling into my new role just fine. Thank God for that! What are some tips do you all use to balance life in general?

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  1. Definitely prioritize! I would never get anything done if I didn’t!

  2. Everyone handles going back to work, house and kids differently. Do what works for you. I am a list maker as well. Helps me be organized and stay focused.

  3. I am a huge fan of lists- lists for everything! I live by my lists and I make sure to prioritize my days and my weeks. I also love Trello!

  4. It's always about prioritizing those to-dos!

  5. This is something I struggle with all the time - balance! So thank you for sharing these tips!