How to have a toy free home

1/21/1812:25 AM

So the new year is already on a roll and I am slowly getting through the various goals and things I set out to accomplish, one of those was de-cluttering my house of all these darn toys my kids are hoarding. Do you ever feel like the toys just show up, you honestly didn’t even buy them or know where they came from but, all of a sudden the number of toys piles on...... that’s how it started to seem at my house.

Little Ways to practice self care

1/13/186:05 PM

It’s a new year, and one of my goals for 2018 was taking better care of myself, and remembering to do for myself a lot more.It's so easy as a mom and wife to forget ones self and focus the majority of energy on the kiddos and being the best wife I can be. Last year between having a new baby, learning to balance both girls and keep my home together, I completely forgot about myself majority of the year.  In my opinion self care should really be at the top of anyone’s list, whether you be a mom, wife or single. Because there is so much you can give to others, if you aren’t giving enough to yourself.  So here are a few ways I intend to take time for myself this new year.

Tips to Stay Focused on your Goals even with Little Ones

1/5/1811:45 AM

Just like that 2017 has came and went and now it’s in our rear view, and we are moving on forward to 2018. In the past I would be working on my very long resolution list, that I know very well won’t be completed. So this year I am taking a different route, I wrote down all my goals that I would like to accomplish and every quarter I will pick about 5 or 6 and tackle them.

  • By writing the goals down it creates a constant reminder to tackle the things you have set out to get accomplished. Obviously you might not be able to accomplish every single goal you have written down all in the new year, but by writing it down its makes you aware of the things that needs to be worked on and you can hold yourself accountable to tackle them.

My mindset for the new year is to seize each day, I feel like with all the changes in my life in 2017 I was very disorganized and lost on what direction to go with my life.
  • You seize each day by being intentional, making to-do lists or just properly planning out each day, knowing the top priority items you need to accomplish and making sure to tackle them first hand. 
I am very excited for this year, and I am a strong believer that your mindset is what sets the tone for whatever you set out to do, so I am very excited to see what the year brings forward. What are some goals you all have set out to accomplish this year? And how are you tackling them?