Why Its Important to Make Holiday Traditions For Young Family!

12/20/185:53 PM

So Christmas is literally right around the corner, I feel like the last half of 2018 just breezed by. Being a young mom to young kids the holiday season are especially prevalent and important because I feel like when you have kids you become even more aware of each and every holiday and wanting to immerse your kids in every of holiday spirit. As my girls are getting older, and starting to understand the ideas behind the holidays I am realizing that I need to create strong family traditions around the holiday season and be able to give them a better understanding of what this season stands for. I think this is so important especially for new and young families.

How Working Moms Can Balance Motherhood and Family

12/14/187:23 PM

Motherhood is a one of the greatest blessing in any woman's life but with motherhood comes  a balancing act and trying to figure out how it all fits with the life you already know. This feeling is especially real for working moms, after having my first daughter the idea of going back to work and putting my new baby in a daycare was so daunting and just so stressful to think of. Being a working mother take a lot of juggling and balancing so that way you can give your best at your job and still be able to give the very best to your child.

Why its not selfish to take time for yourself as a new mom

11/19/188:11 PM

One of my biggest struggle as a new mom was realizing that it’s completely OK to put myself first. I remember after I had Simi I literally gave up my social life, and felt I needed to be mommy 24/7 and just even the thought of taking some time for myself made me feel so guilt. Even now after two kids I still find it very hard to take some me time, just leaving the girls with their dad I feel like I need to cut my fun short and hurry back. This is such a horrible mentality and I know I am not the only young Mom that does this, we allow mommy guilt to consume us and very soon you are living in that mommy guilt space. But honestly it’s completely OK to be selfish with mommy time, it’s OK to take an extra hour after work to just have some time to yourself without the kids, or take one day out of the weekend to be left alone.

Advice for New Moms: How to not allow stress of motherhood affect your marriage

11/8/181:33 PM

Being a mom has its fair shares of stresses and can feel quite overwhelming to deal with. But the biggest mistake you can make as a new mom and wife is take that same overwhelming and frustrating feelings and dish them on your husband. Being a newly wed is alright quite an adjustment, but then adding on a new born to that equation can be hard on a couple but realizing that you are both in it together and dealing with everything that comes your way with that mentality will make the transition a lot easier. Here are some simple advice for new moms to not allow the everyday stresses of motherhood to affect your relationship with your husband.

Tips for New Moms Parenting without Family Support

10/24/182:46 PM

Being a new mom is already a very daunting and hard task, then imagine if you are miles away from family and friends doing it all on your own and having no support other than your partner, it can be quite draining both emotionally and physically. One of my biggest fear when I relocated to the Dallas after getting married was the fear of being so far from family and then my kids not being close to family and getting to do holidays and birthdays with family it can be an emotional thing to think of honestly but lets be real there are people raising way more kids, and even further from family and totally kicking butt at it. Here are a few things I have learnt along the way to implement and also to help make it less lonely being so far away from family.

How to Handle a Picky Eating Toddler ft. Oogaa Baby Utensils

10/9/187:31 PM

I feel like kids hit a point in their toddler-hood (totally just coined this term now lol) where they just start to hate food, some kids deal with that point a lot longer and it hits them a lot harder than others. As a new mom I dealt with this, having a child that absolutely loved everything and would eat every type of food, to all of a sudden hitting 2 years old and despising everything. Honestly I wasn't expecting and I was scared that she was losing weight and not eating a balanced meal. But let me just say this to all the new moms out there its a phase, because now my 2 years old who is now 5 years old literally eats everything and is constantly hungry and wanting to eat all day long. The reality is kids have to grow their palette, they need to learn what they like and don't like and when they hit around that 1.5 or 2 years old mark they start to make that decision  on if they want to eat something or not. So I thought I would share some tricks that will help make this bump in the road.

4 Simple Ways to Make him Priority after kids

9/15/189:14 PM

One of the biggest struggle as a new mom is feeling overwhelmed, your life has suddenly gone from you and your husband to now being on call to this little human being and learning how to take care of them properly while but still making time for your husband and making your marriage a priority, its quite a struggle honestly and can put quite a strain on your relationship. I remember after  I had Temi, my body went through quite a lot I felt so much like I wasn't myself anymore, on top of that I had a toddler to care for and I still had to make my husband and marriage a priority, every day I would feel so helpless and just felt like I was being pulled a million different places and I saw it affecting my relationship with my husband majorly, but it doesn't have to be that way and even just the littlest things will make your marriage thrive no matter how many babies come along and make your bond even stronger than before.

5 Things to do When Feeling Overwhelmed as a New Mom!

9/4/1811:14 PM

I remember when I first had Simi, I felt like my life went from straight chilling to where do I start from now. It was stressful and scary, and honestly even the second time around I still felt very similar emotions and feelings. Thankful I had all the help in the world, but guess what eventually everyone had to go on with their lives and I was left to be mom by myself and the reality of it all set in. I have learnt that you don't have to feel this way and there are so many ways to curb that feeling or help ease the feeling of overwhelm.

How to maintain a social life as a new mom

8/22/187:05 PM

One of the hardest things after I had Simi was getting balance being a mom to a little human as well as still having some type of life, honestly even with two kids that is still quite a balance I am still learning to handle. Being a young mom it rocks your world when you first become a parent, it almost seems like your life goes from litty mode to now completely confused and unsure if you should keep your turn up friends or get a whole new set of mommy friends (which is very hard but a topic for another day lol). Maintaining a social life as a new mom can be quite a struggle, you are dealing with mommy guilt and then constantly feeling like you are the odd man out with your friends who don't have kids or understand the situation you are in as well. Honestly I am still learning ways to have a social life and as the girls get older I am making a very blatant effort to have a social life and make my life more than just about my kids. Here are a few tips to maintain a social life as a mom:

social life for mom

How to make the school year less hectic

8/12/181:26 AM

As a mom I know I look forward to back to school season after a long busy summer, but as much as I look forward to it the school year can get quite overwhelming. Last year was Simi's first year in public "real" school, and honestly it was quite an adjustment not only for her but for me as well. But along the way I have learnt a few tricks that I intend to fully utilize this school year and hopefully they can be of good use to you all as well.

How to get a moment of peace as a mom

7/26/183:45 PM

Lets be real being a mom is full time 24/7 around the clock job, you barely ever really get a break and just when you think you are getting a break to go pee, there is someone barging into the bathroom or messing with the handle to unlock it (sigh) but every once in awhile you might get that 5 mins of silence or if you are lucky a full hour of nap time to get a breather and take in some fresh air. With summer and the girls keeping me heavily busy, I have learnt to cherish and really utilize these little times I get and utilize them to my advantage. Here are my go to things to enjoy my moment of peace.

stress management, motherhood, stress relieve

5 Ways to keep your sanity when the kid are off for the summer

7/8/182:34 AM

We are officially in the thick of summer, so that means lots of hot days and loads of free time for the kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they are keeping you very busy and probably driving you crazy a bit. I had shared on my Instagram at the beginning of summer, how Simi was literally eating the house down mainly due to boredom so I had to quickly find some ways to keep her busy and help me stay sane this summer or completely lose it on her lol. Its funny as parents we all look forward to summer so we can get a little break from the school year schedule, but then Summer comes around and you realize you have to keep your kids busier now lol. Anyway here are some things working for me right now.

parent involved ideas

How to deal with mommy guilt

7/2/183:48 PM

Mommy guilt is very real and if you don't learn how to handle it, can very much be consumed by it. Having two little ones now it almost feels like I am not being enough for both girls and my husband and then myself. Its funny after I had Temi I was like thank God the girls are not so close in age, so I won't feel so guilty cause Simi can do most things for herself. But the reality is I have felt even more guilt for one Temi is extremely needing, I think the fact that I was home with her most of her first year so she literally is just attached, always wanting me to carry her and then there are just all those things she can't do for herself and needs me for. And then there is Simi who is older, and can do most things for herself but she is also at that age where she is becoming her own person and needs that guardian to keep her on the right track and the added bonus of her being able to talk and letting me know when I am being a crappy mommy doesn't help my guilt lol. Thankfully I am learning how to give both girls the love they deserve and do my best as a young mom.

Must haves for Babies and Toddlers

6/26/1810:24 PM

As my girls get older, I am starting to learn what works and well what just doesn’t work and honestly I am still learning but I thought I would share some of my go to items that we love and also that helps make our lives so much easier

Why you need to be vulnerable in marriage!

6/19/186:31 PM

Marriage is an interesting thing honestly, let me just tell you the reality of marriage and being someone's partner is so much different from what we see out there. Now being married 2 years (still very much a baby in this game lol) but I have learnt so much about myself, my partner and just what it takes to be a good wife. One thing I have definitely had to learn is being completely vulnerable and really stripping these expectations I had come in with, in marriage everyday is different there are good days, and bad days and the longer you stay married to someone you are constantly learning about this person and every day a new layer of that person comes about. I remember when I was single I had this idea of what I would be as a wife, but then you get married and the reality of that sets in, you learn so much about yourself and you start to realize that all you had planned in your head just won't work now. I believe in order to have a successful and true marriage you are gonna have to be vulnerable, and that is in every single aspect of it.

What you need to know before kids

6/15/182:51 PM

I have been a mom now for a little over 5 years and honestly that is nothing, but in my short time of being a mom I have learnt some hard life lessons and everyday I feel like my kids teach me something. Prior to having kids I was a complete mess and didn't know anything or how to even be a mother to anyone, thankfully this chapter in life has allowed me to learn, grow and mature. There are a few things I do wish I knew prior to having my girls, might have helped the journey be a little easier honestly.

How to not lose yourself after kids and marriage

6/5/1812:53 AM

Best tips to find yourself after kids and marriage

If you follow me on insta you will see if I touched on this topic a little bit, but I wanted to dig in even further on it just cause I feel its something a lot of women deal with but its not really spoken about. After having kids, I spent about 4 years getting back to who I was before having children and then I got married and that person I used to know felt like she got even further lost. As a women, it almost feels like we are constantly giving of ourselves, making sacrifices and when you get married and start having kids it feels like those sacrifices double in size and before you know it you start to lose yourself and give too much of yourself to even give back to yourself.

Summer Family Fun Ideas: Texas Discovery Gardens

5/16/187:23 PM

Summer is fast approaching, and the kids will soon be out of school and then comes 3 months of activities and trying to keep the kids busy. Simi is now at that age where she literally can't seat still for more than a hour, and so I am having to plan out our summer and fill it up with activities. One of the reason I love living in Dallas, is the abundant amount of family friendly fun. We recently got to visit the Texas Discovery Garden, it was such a beautiful location and I would definitely advice to add this to the top of your summer family fun.

Tips for a healthy marriage after kids

5/7/1812:02 AM

My Husband and I didn't build our family in the "traditional" sense of getting married then having kids. We got into our marriage already having a 3years old, so adjusting to a new marriage and learning what works for each other was a lot different. Marriage is hard like I spoke about in my last marriage blog post, but its even harder when you have kids involved and learning to take time for each other and communicate with each out about our marriage at times was a bit difficult.
One of the main thing we have had to remember every time is our relationship and love for each other came first and we have to put that as priority, especially as parents to young kids we have to be sure that we love each other and respect each other because that's what our children see and that is how they will learn to associate love, and marriage.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from a mom

5/3/181:02 AM

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I have always thought shopping  for  mother’s day is interesting what could you possibly get the most important woman in your life. As I have gotten to be on the other side of it, I have a very different perspective of what Mother’s Day means as well as the types of gifts I think all moms deserve. I think Mother’s Day is one extra day to show our mom’s just how much they mean to us, and I think our gifts should reflect  just that.

Tips for Moms' who feel they are always missing out

4/23/181:51 AM

Are there any moms out there that feel like you are constantly missing out on all the fun? motherhood FOMO (fear of missing out) can be such a sucky thing especially when all your close friends are single women with no kids and their priorities are way off from yours. The first couple years after I had Simi I struggled coming to terms with the fact that my life was going to change so much, and I would be missing out on all the single girl turn up. To be honest one of the reasons I struggled to adjust was because of that, mentally I just wasn’t ready to be a mom and I couldn’t see myself giving up on all my “luxuries” I was used to. A few things that I have learnt as I have gotten more mentally mature as a mother is:

Being a wife is harder than being a mom.......

4/12/189:45 AM

I remember having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine a month or so before I got married, and she asked me which I thought would be harder being a mom or being a wife? At the time I thought being a mom would be harder because, well being a mom is hard and every day brings a new challenge but after being married now and experiencing the reality of marriage, I would like to change my answer and say being a wife is definitely harder than being a mom lol.

Why I decided to be a mommy blogger

4/8/183:22 PM

I remember when I decided to take my blog a little more seriously and be dedicated to it. To be honest, I started this blog just because I wanted to have a space to share my new life in Dallas and balancing my new role of wife with being a mother. I wasn't too sure what I would be sharing on the blog, but I knew it would be a pretty personal blog.

Best Stores for Toddler Fashion

4/5/187:50 PM

best stores to buy kids clothes
Having girls is one of the most exciting things ever, getting to dress them up in the most beautiful colors and I don't care what any one says but shopping for girls clothing is way more fun. As Simi is getting older, she is starting to get her own fashion sense and let me just tell you she is quite the fashionista, maybe even more fashionable than her mama. As she getting more opinionated in her clothing, and getting to pick out her own outfits I am having to do better about shopping for her. As the weather is changing and warmer weather days are approaching we are starting to change out her wardrobe and shop for spring/summer style clothing. So I thought I would share a few of my fave stores to get cute and affordable fashionable toddler pieces.

Temi is 1: 12months update

4/2/1811:32 PM

Its so crazy thinking its been 12 wonderful months of watching this little lady grow up and change everyday, I am thankful that life gave me the chance to spend most of those 12 months at home and really enjoy the joys of motherhood with her. She has truly changed in twelve months, officially a pro at this walking business and literally running the house now with all her boss life moves lol.

How to keep the balance as a busy mom

3/23/185:00 AM

So I have been going through the motions lately, between going back to work full time and being a mom and trying to still be the best wife I can be its been hard y'all. Thankfully my mother in law is still here, and so having her here has really helped me transition smoothly but, at the end of the day my role still stands and I can't push that on to someone else. So I have quickly learnt to find some ways to balance it all, and still keep up with my self care.

Difference between stay at home mom and working mom

3/4/181:50 AM

I have been blessed to be both a working mom and a stay at home mom, and one thing I have learnt in both roles is that being a mom is hard either way. No one has it easier, and just because you are a stay at home mom doesn't mean your child will ease off on you with those tantrums or because you are a working mom your child will be a little more mindful and be a little nicer and let you sleep in come Saturday morning. One thing I know is that kids will be kids and they don't care if you spent all day with them, or if you worked extra hours today. But in my year of being a stay at home, I have been able to learn some important lessons and a huge appreciation for mothers in general, whether they be stay at home moms or working moms.

Tips to love your postpartum body

2/18/182:26 PM

A woman really goes through a lot during and after pregnancy. The physical and mental healing process takes awhile and honestly I don’t think you ever truly feel like yourself again. After having my second baby, I literally felt like I was leasing a new body everything had changed and I just felt like I probably would never be myself again. Looking at myself naked has been a major struggle and honestly there are still lots I know I need to work on to feel like I am back in the body I initially knew but, at the end of the day this is the new body I have and I can either hate on it or learn to love it and I choose to love it and own it. Here are a few ways I have learnt to bring my sexy back

5 things my five years old has taught me to be a better parent!

2/12/181:37 AM

Simi turned 5 a few weeks back and I am just in shock that first off I have a 5years old and then secondly I have been a parent for 5years old and I am doing a pretty decent job at it lol. So it got me thinking and I realize the reason I was able to survive these past 5years, is because Simi taught me how to be the best parent to her.

How to have a toy free home

1/21/1812:25 AM

So the new year is already on a roll and I am slowly getting through the various goals and things I set out to accomplish, one of those was de-cluttering my house of all these darn toys my kids are hoarding. Do you ever feel like the toys just show up, you honestly didn’t even buy them or know where they came from but, all of a sudden the number of toys piles on...... that’s how it started to seem at my house.

Little Ways to practice self care

1/13/186:05 PM

It’s a new year, and one of my goals for 2018 was taking better care of myself, and remembering to do for myself a lot more.It's so easy as a mom and wife to forget ones self and focus the majority of energy on the kiddos and being the best wife I can be. Last year between having a new baby, learning to balance both girls and keep my home together, I completely forgot about myself majority of the year.  In my opinion self care should really be at the top of anyone’s list, whether you be a mom, wife or single. Because there is so much you can give to others, if you aren’t giving enough to yourself.  So here are a few ways I intend to take time for myself this new year.

Tips to Stay Focused on your Goals even with Little Ones

1/5/1811:45 AM

Just like that 2017 has came and went and now it’s in our rear view, and we are moving on forward to 2018. In the past I would be working on my very long resolution list, that I know very well won’t be completed. So this year I am taking a different route, I wrote down all my goals that I would like to accomplish and every quarter I will pick about 5 or 6 and tackle them.

  • By writing the goals down it creates a constant reminder to tackle the things you have set out to get accomplished. Obviously you might not be able to accomplish every single goal you have written down all in the new year, but by writing it down its makes you aware of the things that needs to be worked on and you can hold yourself accountable to tackle them.

My mindset for the new year is to seize each day, I feel like with all the changes in my life in 2017 I was very disorganized and lost on what direction to go with my life.
  • You seize each day by being intentional, making to-do lists or just properly planning out each day, knowing the top priority items you need to accomplish and making sure to tackle them first hand. 
I am very excited for this year, and I am a strong believer that your mindset is what sets the tone for whatever you set out to do, so I am very excited to see what the year brings forward. What are some goals you all have set out to accomplish this year? And how are you tackling them?