Happy Thanksgiving!

11/23/172:28 PM

It's always so interesting to me when my birthday falls on thanksgiving, I just see it as God wanted to remind me to be extra thankful for this life he has given me. So in spirit of thanksgiving and reliving the wonderful year coming to a close soon, i wanted to just list a few things I am especially thankful for this year.

Gift ideas for toddlers

11/21/174:19 PM

I can't believe the holidays are back in full force, like seriously how did 2017 fly so fast (so funny every year, I ask that same question lol) Anyway with the year coming to a close that means time to get those holiday shopping done and if you are like myself with kids, holiday shopping is a little more exciting and stressful. I am actually still trying to figure out what I will be getting for my 4 years old, so I thought I would share some ideas for any toddler parent like myself.

Tips to be a stylish mom

11/6/171:00 PM

We all know how much having a baby affects a new mom's life, but one thing I never knew it would affect was my fashion sense. I am not sure if it cause of the changes my body has gone through or just the fact that now I am someone's mom and I kinda feel like my fashion sense needs to be mature as well but, especially the second time around I feel like any knowledge I had of dressing myself or remotely even looking stylish went away. Don't get me wrong I am no fashionista, but I at least knew how to make myself look  presentable and not look like a complete potato. So these past 7 months, I have spent trying to figure out what works for my new body type as well as still look like a cool/hip mama with some style and not try so hard. FYI that's really hard to do when you have a newborn that is constantly spitting up on you. Anyway here are the tips that are working for me so far, and I will be sure to update as my post-baby body transforms too.