Temi: 6 months update

by - September 28, 2017

I can't believe it's already been 6 months of having my lil munchkin around so much changes in the short time she has been in our lives, but I am  so thankful to be able to experience those things with her. She is still home with me so, we get to bond each day, which is something I wouldn't give up for one second.

Originally when she started on solids she was loving it, but now it seems she is forming her  own taste and realizing what she likes and doesn't like. So feeding has been a challenge, sadly home girl also has some love hate relationship with the bottle just uses the nipple to scratch her gum and barely drinks any milk so still trying to transition her to bottle feeding (if anyone has any tips for me on this I would really appreciate it). But when she is put directly on the breast she will ALWAYS feed.

This is another place we struggle at 3 months she was definitely sleeping a lot better than she is at 6 months. Since Temi was born, she has been very clingy and stuck to me like glue. So me trying to get some sleep back then, started to co-sleep well now I have been in this battle to try and get her to sleep in her own bed (pray for me y'all). I have recently started to try and transition her into her own crib, so lately there had been lots and lots of crying and screaming.

She is pretty aware now, constantly laughing and giggling. And with a big sister that loves to play she really gets to have fun. She is also getting ready to start crawling, so she is constantly rolling onto her stomach and trying to get her body up on all fours. Still waiting for her teeth to pop out, in major teething world right now and with that comes loads of drooling and rubbing  her mouth on everything.

It's crazy to think how much changes have happened in 6 months, and of course there are many more changes to come. I am so glad to have been able to experience every day with her and watch all these different milestones she is hitting. If you all can leave tips on how you were able to sleep train, as well as transition your babies to the bottle I would really appreciate it.

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  1. Aw she's so adorable!! The best thing about this age is that it only gets better and better!! The next milestone that's really fun is the 9 month spot! So much fun!

  2. With time she will sleep on her schedule.