Temi: 6 months update

9/28/1710:11 AM

I can't believe it's already been 6 months of having my lil munchkin around so much changes in the short time she has been in our lives, but I am  so thankful to be able to experience those things with her. She is still home with me so, we get to bond each day, which is something I wouldn't give up for one second.

What You Should Know Before Your Next Baby

9/11/172:16 PM

Being pregnant the second time around, I was pretty sure that I had a good idea of what to expect (at least for the most part) but, boy was I off. I will be honest I thought since this is my second time around it should be easier and smooth sailing, and everyone kept making me believe this. But I thought I would share the real tea, at least from my experience.

Colorado Visit/Life Update

9/1/172:09 PM

We recently took a trip to Colorado to visit my family and lord was it a very interesting trip. Temi got to meet my mom and my older sister for the first time, also it was her first time flying so lord knows I was so scared of what to expect with that. Honestly this past week has just been full of firsts for all of us, from Temi's first flight, to her first mini road trip to her first major case of cold :(. Also it was my first time flying by myself with the two girls (I was so scared, and then on top of that they both had a cold so it was just a very stressful trip and me coming down with  a cold myself lol) And lastly it was Simi's first time to public school, last year she got to start Pre-school but, was going to a Montessori so even though I was nervous then for some weird reason I wasn't as nervous that time around like this time with her starting regular elementary (Update: she is doing just fine and loving it so far).