March 27th 2017: My Birth Story

4/19/171:48 PM

The baby is here finally!!! Its so true what they say, every pregnancy is truly different and you can't compare each pregnancy to each other. This was my longest pregnancy (only been pregnant twice), with my first daughter I had her at 37 weeks, so automatically I was hoping that since this was my second pregnancy then she would most likely come around the same time boy was I wrong. Once I passed the 37 week mark, I started getting very impatient and seriously uncomfortable so at that point I started trying ever remedy from eating pineapples, to dates, seating and bouncing on a yoga ball, walking all over the dang place, sex and even had my hubby pressing on any and every pressure point lol (by week 39 I was so over being pregnant I could pay anyone to get this baby out). So when I woke up at around 5am March 27th (the last days of 39 weeks) feeling extremely crampy and feeling slight contractions I was slightly excited, but then on the other hand was like dang how long will this last though. At about 6am the pains started getting a little more intense, I could still talk through them, but they were definitely more obvious so at this point I was like I need to wake my hubby up, If this labor was similar to my last then this baby would be making her arrival sooner rather than later. To be honest I think God worked it all out perfectly, because my mom was in town (that was my biggest worry, was having someone to watch my older daughter) So I took a quick shower, me and the hubby got in the car and drove off to the hospital, The entire 20min drive I feel like every contraction that came was intense but I kept thinking "what if I get to the hospital and they tell me this baby is no where near coming out that I should come back" lol. When we finally arrived at the hospital at about 7:20am since I had already come in previous to going into labor and filled out all the hospital paperwork, they checked us in and put me in one of those monitoring room the nurse checked how much dilated I was, at this point I was 5cm. So we were transferred to a labor room, I hooked to all the machines, poked all over my arms cause my veins clearly didn't get the memo and the real fun began. Since I was able to have a natural birth with my first child, I had mentally put myself to a test for the second child to see if I could do it again with out epidural, lord was the pain real! but I think my body was moving off pure adrenaline and the fact that I would be able to say I had both my babies without an epidural kept me breathing through the pain lol. At about 8am, I started feeling more pressure, so at that point since my water still had not broken and I was about 9cm dilated the doctor decided to break my water herself. Thankfully after that it did relief the pressure, but then within a few minutes I could feel the baby coming out the strong intense pressure (The true ring of fire). And then pushing started, the doctor came telling me to breathe through my pushes (that's easier said than done by the way) I swear I felt like I was pushing forever, and this baby was not coming out any more lol. It felt like I pushed for like an hour, but really it was maybe 10mins and by 8:30am our beautiful baby was out. At 7 Ibs 9oz she definitely was bigger than her sister, but a long lil babe (21inches), her dad got to cut the cord, and then I was able to meet my beautiful girl.