Getting your child ready for a new baby

by - March 23, 2017

So my life is finally starting to slow down just a bit, but I almost feel like its just the calm before the storm. This last week I got to spend some much needed mother and daughter time with my fave girl (my daughter) as much as we are all excited for this new addition, I realized that very soon she will no longer be an only child and of course I am not sure how that will all play out, one thing I wanted to be sure of is letting her enjoy to the fullest these last days, as well as getting to enjoy being a mom of one before it all changes. So thankfully, since this little munchkin doesn't seem to want to debut anything soon, it almost seems like everything just aligned perfectly. Last week was spring break for my daughter, and since I have been off of work we took the entire week to bond and get myself out of the house walking as well.

To be honest even though there were a few days where I was gonna lose my mind because of how exhausting some days were, and I just couldn't keep up with her energy (I kid you not she could literally go all day and not be tired once, well except on car rides lol) But being around her each day made me just realize how crazy everything in life is. To think just 5 years ago my life was at a completely different place, and the thought of being a mom wasn't even something that had remotely crossed my mind. But when I look back on my life today, I wouldn't trade being this little girl's mom for anything. She has completely changed me, in so many ways the things that I would take for granted before and not pay a second glance to before I have learnt to appreciate even more. I was 23years old when I had her, and I was scared out of my mind of what kind of mother I would be to her. I was still finding myself, and now I would have to lead this little person's life and do the right things, and honestly I haven't mastered this whole being a mom thing and there are still days when I miss my life prior to being a mom but I know God has placed me right where I ought to be.

Its been a blessing to see this child grow up and bloom into this ball of personality and joy, I am not sure how all these changes will affect her but I do know one thing that she is gonna be the best big sister ever. She tells me everyday "our baby is going to be the best ever" and that just reassures me as a parent. To know that I have had a hand in helping raise this child that loves and cares so hard and in her little and sometimes overbearing ways wants the best for her family. She matches to her own drum and is not afraid to let her personality shine no matter what setting or person she is with. As I go from baby 1 to baby 2 I won't even lie to you how scared I am , but just knowing that this baby will have the best big sister ever makes it very comforting.

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