Getting your child ready for a new baby

3/23/1711:10 AM

So my life is finally starting to slow down just a bit, but I almost feel like its just the calm before the storm. This last week I got to spend some much needed mother and daughter time with my fave girl (my daughter) as much as we are all excited for this new addition, I realized that very soon she will no longer be an only child and of course I am not sure how that will all play out, one thing I wanted to be sure of is letting her enjoy to the fullest these last days, as well as getting to enjoy being a mom of one before it all changes. So thankfully, since this little munchkin doesn't seem to want to debut anything soon, it almost seems like everything just aligned perfectly. Last week was spring break for my daughter, and since I have been off of work we took the entire week to bond and get myself out of the house walking as well.

2017 so far Life Update

3/8/172:37 PM

This might just be my own year, but honestly 2017 has just been a crazy busy year so far. I feel so overwhelmed and constantly feeling like my to-do list never gets done, and it is always rolling over into the next day. And lets not even start to talk about living life with a toddler, and then getting ready for baby, so yes 2017 has gotten off to a crazy busy start. But thankfully its time to finally get some much needed rest, and focus on baby watch (I am so ready for this little one to be out already, I think I am counting down the seconds now lol)