Baby #2: Expectations vs. Reality

1/17/1711:20 PM

If you follow my instagram page, then you are aware that I am pregnant with baby #2. I am so excited for our family to be growing, and to be able to welcome this new little one into our home. Of course being pregnant with baby #2 is a little different, the symptoms I felt with my first pregnancy compared to this one are completely different a lot of things that I thought would be different are not and a lot of things I thought would be similar are definitely not.  

My first pregnancy I would say was a walk in the park and didn't really set me up mentally for other pregnancies to follow. The first time around I had no signs of morning sickness, nausea or any of the weird symptoms people describe in their first trimester. I was quite exhausted but I think based on the job I had at the time I would have been exhausted regardless lol. So of course this time around I was hoping for the same symptoms, boy was I in for a big surprise. I didn't actually get morning sickness, but I was definitely nauseous the entire first three months of pregnancy. To be honest if I had just had morning sickness and been done with it I probably would have preferred that. But instead I just felt sick to my stomach almost every single day, everything made me want to puke but never actually made me and then I was super sleepy. I mean I could literally sleep at the drop of a dime.

2017 Goals and Expectations

1/9/1712:35 PM

Just like that we are already one week into 2017 time waits for no man honestly. The other day I was reflecting and just thinking of the new year, since this year started I have felt good about all that there is to come out of 2017, and so many ideas have been flying through my head in regard to goals and just things I have to accomplish. I have learnt to stop making new years' resolutions though because as we all know they never get accomplished. So instead for the new year I am setting goals that I can actually accomplish and making myself accountable for them as well. I thought I would share some of my goals for the year as well as the ways I intend of hold myself accountable.