How I have a (semi) successful flight with my toddler

by - November 07, 2016

I have been traveling with my little one since she was about 3 months old, granted we are no jet setters but we do go on our occasional family trips and traveling with a child honestly can be a pain. When she was younger and didn't really do much moving it was actually pretty easy to fly with her. The minute she started moving and being more independent then a lot more was needed for flying and making sure she had a pleasant flight. Would hate to be that mom with the toddler that  is screaming her head off. So I thought I would share some of the tips I use today to make our flights a little comfortable for not just myself and her, but everyone else on board.

  • Her Leap-Pad Epic is on the top of the list of things packed, this goes everywhere and its honestly one of the best things ever invented for kids. Before we got her the leap-pad  she would always want to play with my iPad and it got so hard trying to control what she would view and do on there. With the leap pad its all kid focused with videos and games made for kids only so I like that and its just a lot more comforting for parents. 
  • Her favorite book is a must, my daughter really loves reading and being a toddler her attention span is about 2 seconds and she is ready for something else so I always carry along a book or some type of physical activity outside of the pad just in case she needs something else to do.
  • A snack, especially with airlines charging so much for in flight snacks these days I am not trying to spend all my money to buy something for my kid to eat on the plane so we pack a pretty good amount of things to snack on. It all just depends on how long the flight is. Also water or juice. 
  • And it all goes in her favorite backpack
What are some ways you moms make flying with your toddler a breeze?

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