Christmas Gift Ideas for a Toddler

by - November 28, 2016

I still can't believe we have officially kicked off the Christmas season, where did 2016 go? But if there is one person that is very excited for Christmas it is my 3year old. Literally every TV ad with a toddler related item she wants obviously, I haven't started shopping for Christmas just yet (I am usually late to the game) but at this rate I am hoping I get it right lol. So, if you are like me and still trying to figure out what you should get your little one, then this post might be of great help to you.

  • Clothing never fails, I honestly believe you can never go wrong with a clothing item. Whether it be a dress, shoes or even PJs. And I would recommend you add freshly picked moccasins to the top of your list. Most people automatically think the brand is geared towards infants and babies but their size range go up high. My daughter totally loves her pair, the leather is very soft so she can run around and do her usual everyday things. If you are not a fan of the soft sole, they also come in hard soles as well. 

  • Toys, I mean you can never go wrong with toys in a child's' eyes that's for sure. This year I felt there were so many amazing character movies that the choices for toys are endless. And the ever classic Frozen is still going strong. A little extra let it go never hurt lol
  •  Books are always convenient too, my daughter is getting to that point where she tries to read the book (completely wrong lol but she is trying) A few of her favorites are Cinderella and On the Night, you were born. I know a lot of parents are tired of the toys that end up laying around everywhere and of course clothes they will outgrow so books are always safe and it doesn't hurt that its educational as well. 
  • Educational electronics, face it our children are growing up heavily in the digital age and everything is powered by electronics. There are so many educational electronics out on the market that they list is endless. But my daughter has the leapfrog epic, and I think so convenient because for one she gives my iPad a break and secondly everything on there is geared towards kids so no worry of any inappropriate apps or videos.
I hope this helps you to start checking some items off your list for your toddler, and if you are like me and totally hate dealing with all the craziness of Christmas shopping and would much rather seat in the comfort of your home and take care of it all, then I bet you are very excited for Cyber Monday. One of my fave online stores FreshlyPicked, kicks off their 24 hours Cyber Monday sale today (Nov 28th) at 10am MST all seasonal at 25% off, so if you are loving these mocs on my little one as much as we both love them, then I wouldn't let this sale pass me by. What other items would you all recommend for a busy toddler, let me know in the comments. 

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