Christmas Gift Ideas for a Toddler

11/28/168:18 AM

I still can't believe we have officially kicked off the Christmas season, where did 2016 go? But if there is one person that is very excited for Christmas it is my 3year old. Literally every TV ad with a toddler related item she wants obviously, I haven't started shopping for Christmas just yet (I am usually late to the game) but at this rate I am hoping I get it right lol. So, if you are like me and still trying to figure out what you should get your little one, then this post might be of great help to you.

Our First Thanksgiving: Weekly Thanks

11/27/163:24 PM

This year we got to spend our first thanksgiving as an official family unit, and I just got to tell you it was very different (but in a good way too). I am used to holidays with my big family, all the noise and family friends constantly going in and out. But this year, it was just myself, the hubby, our daughter and a couple of friends. Sticking with the theme of getting used to new experiences (my new normal lol) we got to cook our own complete thanksgiving meal, turkey and all and lord was it an experience.  Won’t even lie I was quite nervous to be cooking my first thanksgiving meal, because in the past it’s not really something I had been involved in. So, I let my husband know from the start that we would either be ordering our turkey or he was the one in charge of that (haha). Being our first thanksgiving together we really under estimated, and didn't start prepping till 10 am Thursday morning (yikes! we learnt our lesson on that though). So, that delayed our cooking schedule and being the worrier I am I started freaking out internally just a bit. But God was on our side and everything was ready and done with by 6pm (we initially planned for dinner at 5pm) so we weren't too much off course. And just to toot my hubby's horn the turkey was probably one of the best I have tasted, to be honest I am not a big fan of turkey to start with, so that says a lot coming from me. I am very thankful for my little family, and even though I am still getting used to my new normal and all that comes with it, I must say I am blessed and grateful for God continuing to see us through. I always feel like after thanksgiving, that marks the official start to Christmas season so, I am super excited to decorate and have another first together has a family. Hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving as well? Any fun family stories?

Respect your lane: Beating insecurity in our social media world

11/16/168:03 PM

The other day I was watching a video on Patricia Bright's YouTube page, she spoke on how the internet has made her insecure and made her doubt herself on things because she compares herself with others and questions herself on certain things. As I watched the video I literally felt she was speaking to my soul, I did a post last year called keeping up with the gram and how much our lives have become so focused on social media, and pretty much a lot of things people shoot for these days is based on what they see on others social media pages. Insecurity is something we all deal with, even the most confident person has something they are insecure about but, with the new age of social media and the internet those insecurities are put on display for people to dissect and nitpick at even more.

How I have a (semi) successful flight with my toddler

11/7/1610:59 PM

I have been traveling with my little one since she was about 3 months old, granted we are no jet setters but we do go on our occasional family trips and traveling with a child honestly can be a pain. When she was younger and didn't really do much moving it was actually pretty easy to fly with her. The minute she started moving and being more independent then a lot more was needed for flying and making sure she had a pleasant flight. Would hate to be that mom with the toddler that  is screaming her head off. So I thought I would share some of the tips I use today to make our flights a little comfortable for not just myself and her, but everyone else on board.

  • Her Leap-Pad Epic is on the top of the list of things packed, this goes everywhere and its honestly one of the best things ever invented for kids. Before we got her the leap-pad  she would always want to play with my iPad and it got so hard trying to control what she would view and do on there. With the leap pad its all kid focused with videos and games made for kids only so I like that and its just a lot more comforting for parents. 
  • Her favorite book is a must, my daughter really loves reading and being a toddler her attention span is about 2 seconds and she is ready for something else so I always carry along a book or some type of physical activity outside of the pad just in case she needs something else to do.
  • A snack, especially with airlines charging so much for in flight snacks these days I am not trying to spend all my money to buy something for my kid to eat on the plane so we pack a pretty good amount of things to snack on. It all just depends on how long the flight is. Also water or juice. 
  • And it all goes in her favorite backpack
What are some ways you moms make flying with your toddler a breeze?