Weekly thanks: Support System

by - October 13, 2016

This past month I  got a new found  respect for support and having people to hold you down and have your back, I got to be a parent all by myself and it just gave me a better insight and a brand new view of what support means. So as you all know I recently moved to Dallas with my family so I went from family upon family to just me, my hubby and my mini me. Clearly moving is never easy and it does take quite a bit of adjusting. But life doesn't stop when you are adjusting to new things, my husband recently took a trip out of the country and so it was just me and my daughter for a little while (clearly his next trip we will be making a big ole family vacation and abandoning work and school lol) Anyway being new in Dallas I wouldn't say I have much close knit friends, and that comfort of knowing people when you go out is out of the window as well so for the very long month he was gone, it was very hard on me. I got to appreciate my husband alot more because, having a partner and knowing if I can't get something done I have someone I can call up to assist makes a world of a difference. There were a few days when I would be running late after work to go pick up my daughter, and the fear of traffic delaying me getting her from school on time would give me such anxiety. Oh and lets not count the fact that we literally were late to school and work the entire month lol  (I don't think this really had much to do with no support though). But when I think about the amout of parents that solely do it all on their own, no partner or family to fall back on I do appreciate the fact that the 3 years I have been a parents I have had someone (actually people) to fall back on. Whether it be my awesome mom that helped me not lose my shit and was my right hand woman those first years of being a mom, or my siblings that have helped me by babysitting when life has handed me last minute changes or my husband that helps me maintain my cool when my 3 year old is just about ready to drive me off the wall. Its not easy being a parent and you go through the motions and of course emotions and you are constantly trying not to make the wrong decision or do the wrong thing. I think this month I got to spend with my daughter by myself was not only a test of being a parent but, it also made me realize at the end of the day I still have people on my side and of course it was hard and then the feeling of loneliness or feeling out of place it really did suck I won't even lie but knowing that I did have people I could call on and they would comfort me is a blessing.

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