A little goes a long way

by - 8:09 PM

The other day I took a trip to Walmart to get a few things, and like always I ended up sending a few extra minutes honestly browsing the store and picking up ish that were not even on my initial list (funny how that works out huh) Anyway after my "browsing" I was heading out of the store, and this lady stops me to ask if she could have some change. First thought that crossed my mind was, wow this lady doesn't even look like someone that would be asking for change. Next thought was she don't even look like a crackhead either so why is she outside walmart begging though. Granted my initial thoughts were very much just judging a book by it's cover, I didn't know this woman from anywhere and so I sure as heck didn't know her story. So I automatically said "oh I am sorry, I don't have any cash on me" such a bold face lie knowing good and well I did have some change I could spare. As I walked to my car, did it eat away at my heart. I got to my car, and I immediately dug in my purse, pulled out the little bit of change I did have and went back and handed it to this lady. In that moment walking backing to my car, it made me realize giving that lady that money did nothing to harm me. If anything I had a moment of fulfillment. I realized there are so many homeless people I drive by each day, with some type of sign explaining their situation and honestly 8 out of 10 times I read those signs and throw my face the other way because we live in a society where people who resort to begging are thought of as lazy and have brought that upon themselves. But the reality is we don't know the reason why they ended up in that situation, and honestly if my little dollar bill will do something in their life then I have done my little part. And honestly if these people are being dishonest, my thought process is am I the one to judge or try to figure it out. All I can do, is my little.

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