How I keep my life balanced

3/23/185:00 AM

So I have been going through the motions lately, between going back to work full time and being a mom and trying to still be the best wife I can be its been hard y'all. Thankfully my mother in law is still here, and so having her here has really helped me transition smoothly but, at the end of the day my role still stands and I can't push that on to someone else. So I have quickly learnt to find some ways to balance it all, and still keep up with my self care.

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Stay at home .vs. Working Mom

3/4/181:50 AM

I have been blessed to be both a working mom and a stay at home mom, and one thing I have learnt in both roles is that being a mom is hard either way. No one has it easier, and just because you are a stay at home mom doesn't mean your child will ease off on you with those tantrums or because you are a working mom your child will be a little more mindful and be a little nicer and let you sleep in come Saturday morning. One thing I know is that kids will be kids and they don't care if you spent all day with them, or if you worked extra hours today. But in my year of being a stay at home, I have been able to learn some important lessons and a huge appreciation for mothers in general, whether they be stay at home moms or working moms.

Get your sexy back: 3 ways I have learnt to love my post baby body

2/18/182:26 PM

A woman really goes through a lot during and after pregnancy. The physical and mental healing process takes awhile and honestly I don’t think you ever truly feel like yourself again. After having my second baby, I literally felt like I was leasing a new body everything had changed and I just felt like I probably would never be myself again. Looking at myself naked has been a major struggle and honestly there are still lots I know I need to work on to feel like I am back in the body I initially knew but, at the end of the day this is the new body I have and I can either hate on it or learn to love it and I choose to love it and own it. Here are a few ways I have learnt to bring my sexy back

5 things my five years old has taught me to be a better parent!

2/12/181:37 AM

Simi turned 5 a few weeks back and I am just in shock that first off I have a 5years old and then secondly I have been a parent for 5years old and I am doing a pretty decent job at it lol. So it got me thinking and I realize the reason I was able to survive these past 5years, is because Simi taught me how to be the best parent to her.

How I de-cluttered my house of toys

1/21/1812:25 AM

So the new year is already on a roll and I am slowly getting through the various goals and things I set out to accomplish, one of those was de-cluttering my house of all these darn toys my kids are hoarding. Do you ever feel like the toys just show up, you honestly didn’t even buy them or know where they came from but, all of a sudden the number of toys piles on...... that’s how it started to seem at my house.

Little things to do today for self care/love this year

1/13/186:05 PM

It’s a new year, and one of my goals for 2018 was taking better care of myself, and remembering to do for myself a lot more.It's so easy as a mom and wife to forget ones self and focus the majority of energy on the kiddos and being the best wife I can be. Last year between having a new baby, learning to balance both girls and keep my home together, I completely forgot about myself majority of the year.  In my opinion self care should really be at the top of anyone’s list, whether you be a mom, wife or single. Because there is so much you can give to others, if you aren’t giving enough to yourself.  So here are a few ways I intend to take time for myself this new year.

Going into 2018 hungry AF

1/5/1811:45 AM

Just like that 2017 has came and went and now it’s in our rear view, and we are moving on forward to 2018. In the past I would be working on my very long resolution list, that I know very well won’t be completed smh lol